"why are u doing this?"
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"has demi ever slept with anyone black? not wilmer black"
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Before I come back

there are some things I want to go over.

1) I do not have an instagram, not even a personal instagram, I don’t even have the instagram app. demidirt and any other bullshit username on instagram is NOT me

2) Stop putting words in my mouth, I’ve been gone for a while and reading down a few of my questions I have been told things I have apparently said like you guys need to stop that, what I have said is what I have said. It’s on the blog. There is no other story to it. Don’t twist my shit because you look pretty stupid

3) I’m not Brazilian and I don’t live in NY (for that person that asked me) I won’t be talking about where I live because frankly it’s nobody’s fucking business

4) I feel sorry for everyone who actually did that deep web shit, that’s not where I got my pictures and you all have balls to even attempt to go in there. So I guess props to you but like wow, I love my computer too much to risk it getting viruses and all that nasty shit

5) I will say it once more, I have not met Demi, I do not know Demi. I haven’t even been in the same place as Demi at the same time as her. There is nothing that links me to Demi except profiles and sources.

6) mcdlove or whatever that username is is NOT her instagram, so keep looking

And I think that pretty much answers most of your questions. DemiDirt will be back up and running sometime next week. That is all

"Look, all these folders with photos without tags, hot ones liked the most. another game? be careful when you open the computer's central, many dangerous links (dangerous for you and good for me, anyway)."
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I was planning to come back to this site sometime next week and decided to read a few of the messages left for me before I did come back. But by far your collection of messages is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

1) I don’t have a background on my computer, it’s just a plain color

2) I don’t keep any photos or files on my computer because I’m not stupid

3) I don’t have selfies of myself on my computer

So a big fucking “you tried” star gets to be awarded to you for your lame attempt at whatever you were trying to do

"is rochelle berg right ?"
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"Who has Demi slept with????"
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Too many people to name

"I love you're blog!"
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Thank you haha

"Would you confirm it if someone DID figure out Demi's real private Instagram?"
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""Dear, A question for you, BECAUSE DOING SO MY PHOTOS? If you say Lovatic not do this to me ... Stop now, or .. I'll sue her. You are my Lovatic or hater? There is POSSIBLE!! Still ... This is a warning. Love, Demi" LMFAO WHO THE FUCK WOULD BUY THAT?! DEMI HAS PROPER ENGLISH AND THAT PERSON DOES NOT OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD"
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I did too haha

"Can u say the user of her instagram? IF no, why?"
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Bc its private and that’s her privacy